Mass sending of your resume

Mass sending of your resume

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In collaboration with CV DIFFUSION, we offer you the chance to get our three turnkey services:

- The writing of your CV and cover letter by our experienced writer
- Free Perfect CV Template
- The diffusion of your CV to 500-1000 companies according to your criteria of employment by Fax or email

Did you know?
Nearly 80% of jobs are not posted online yet and you may be the first person to apply!

We have contact information for almost all companies in Canada. We offer you the opportunity to choose, depending on your area and region, the companies that are relevant to you.

Most entrepreneurs want to fill an immediate need without paying for job ads. If your spontaneous offer is filed you will be the first called, even before an advertisement is published.

You will receive calls from relevant companies within 7 to 14 days.

Our success rate is over 85% for the files we accept. Satisfaction guaranteed or we resume the process, simply.
We have proven ourselves and for nearly 15 years we propel job seekers to their next dream job!



In order to benefit from our job search service, you must have relevant training and experience for the desired position. You must also be flexible, employable and you must be able to move.

The search for specialized employment, or in rural areas where the employment base is low, is not in our mandate.

In some cases, our intervention is not relevant. For example, if your personal situation makes it difficult to place (eg language, training, skills, medical conditions), we will unfortunately not be able to help you. After a free evaluation of your resume, we will determine if you can benefit from our service.

Our mandate is neither to increase your employability nor to provide rehabilitation or employment counseling services. Training organizations do it very well. What we offer is to distribute your resume and cover letter, after improvement, to relevant employers.